Mark has been advising family businesses for more than 15  years. His clients represent diverse industries and all stages of development, from start-ups to multi-generational corporations of all shapes, sizes and generations. 

Mark specializes in helping companies navigate challenges that are often unique to family business. He encourages businesses to measure success not only in terms of their return on investment, but also in terms of their return on family—the impact that their decisions have on the quality of family relationships now and in the future.

Areas of Expertise

  • Family council and systems of governance
  • Policy development with regard to ownership, management and compensation
  • Strategic planning, assessment, recommendations and procedural change for boards of directors and shareholders
  • Collaboration with attorneys, CPAs, financial planners and other professionals to support family business owners and families
  • Negotiations involving multi-generational disputes

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Family Business Industries Served

Retail: Hardware, gifts, books, appliances, grocery, convenience stores, and specialty items

Hospitality: Restaurants, hotels, tours, casinos, and bed & breakfasts

Media: Outdoor advertising, print, newspapers, intellectual property, publishing, radio & television

Real Estate: Residential & commercial developers, property management, retirement housing, timber and farm land

Professional: Banks, dental, legal, medical, and financial services

Technology: Software, hardware, and consulting

Agriculture: Nursery, tree farms, cattle and sheep ranches, poultry, brewing, wine, fishing, dairy, feed, food products, and other farming

Construction: Trades, commercial, construction equipment, construction supplies, and landscape

Other industries: Chemical production, manufacturing, industrial product distribution, medical products, oil, gas, mining, utilities and many more.