Mark's consulting projects cover the most pressing issues facing today's family-owned businesses.

Next-Generation Leadership

Worked with an international manufacturing company to develop a succession strategy for the transition from a first- to second-generation business. Provided structure for family and business governance that included the development and introduction of an advisory board. Served as an advisor to the board and helped create a plan to improve communication and performance. Worked with family shareholders to develop a cohesive strategy for all of the family’s holdings and expectations for each business.

Co-Leadership for Adult Children

Helped a family business founder plan his exit from the company and transition his two adult children into their roles as next-generation leaders. Assisted the founder in dealing with serious sibling conflict that transcended multiple generations. Created a co-leadership model for the next generation and established a regular family meeting structure that included ownership education and improved communication and transparency.

New Role for Founder

Worked with the founder of a fast-growing technology company to create a plan for a non-family executive to lead the business so that the founder could go back to developing new products and services. Established clear roles, business systems and accountability for family and non-family employees. Implemented an advisory board with independent business leaders to provide guidance in working through the transitions and challenges associated with a growing company.

Family and Work Balance

Advised a four-generation farming business struggling to work and live together in close quarters. Helped families establish clear roles, rebuild trust, improve communication and establish transparent and clear policies for compensation and benefits. Worked with spouses and children to understand the complex business and how to properly balance business ownership and family life.

Ownership Transition

Worked with business founder to transition from ownership shared with business partners outside the family to ownership shared with his son. Helped the owner articulate his vision for the company, clarify roles and expectations, and reestablish trust with his children. Helped to establish boundaries between family and business and to reduce tension in the family, especially with regard to spouses and the next generation’s expectations.