Inside the Multi-Generational Family Business

9 Symptoms of Generational Stack-Up and How to Cure Them

Mark's newest book, Inside the Multi-Generational Family Business, is an inside look at how many family businesses today are saddled with “generational stack-up”—the convergence of several generations as owners, managers, employees and shareholders—and how the inevitable conflict between generations can often have a significant effect on  the success or failure of the family business.

Detailed analysis of the various generations and the characteristics that define them yields a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of how the family can move the multi-generational family business from chaos and conflict to true collaboration and improved performance.  

> Read the detailed book review published in Family Business Review in 2011. 


“Mark Green does a superb job of bringing the generational stack-up to life. Family business research and practice has traditionally looked at the transfer from one generation to another but Inside the Multi-Generational Family Business captures today’s realities of the multi-generational enterprises where up to five generations are occupying the workplace. A must-read book for all progressive individuals who care to reap the opportunities of generational stack-up while effectively negotiating the related confusion and frustrations.”

Pramodita Sharma
CIBC Distinguished Professor of Family Business
Concordia University, Montreal
Editor, Family Business Review


“If our 73-year-old, third-generation family business survives, it will in good measure be due to the sound advice from Inside the Multi-Generational Family Business. It shows us the big picture and in turn helps to improve communication within the family. I highly recommend this book.”

John Bradshaw
Portland Transmission Warehouse
Portland, Oregon


“Families have no successions – only transitions. Mark Green explains why so many of those generational transitions fail because an older generation of a family blocks the natural development of later family generation members, often, he explains, because of fundamentally different world views. He then artfully and with great experience explains how to diagnose a generational blockage and how, with sensitivity and tact, to dissolve it proactively toward a successful family evolution.”

James (Jay) E. Hughes, Jr
Author of Family Wealth and Family: The Compact Among Generations



“Mark Green helped set us on a successful path for a generational and leadership transition. Let him help you arrive at a stronger place for your business and your family.”

Emily Powell
President, Powell’s Bookstore, Inc./
Portland, Oregon